Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well I guess I am only 3 months late in posting this. If it counts for anything. I had already typed it up and just forgot to post. So to try and get back to blogging, I will now go ahead and post all of the blogs to get us up to date :)


Halloween, was so much fun this year. It was actually the first year we have gone trick or treating. Every other year Harris was sick, so I was happy that he felt good this year. We went to Homewood and I am so glad we did. Some friends invited us and it was really one of the most fun trick or treating experiences I have had. They block the road off and every single house gets so into it and decorates in themes. So much fun! Here are the pictures from our Halloween 2012.

IMG_7854  Harris wanted to be a dragon and so Ruthie was a dragonette. :)



IMG_7904 His first house ever to trick or treat at.



IMG_7927 Star Wars themed house

IMG_7958 “mommy, why are we stopping for a picture?”


Toy Story house. Harris loved this! IMG_7981




Here are some iphone pictures.


At about an hour before we were to leave. I realized that Harris had already played so much in his costume that it was coming apart! I was sewing like a mad woman. Every part of his costume had to be sewed up somewhere. Geez! IMG_1210

Riding with my dragon. IMG_1217

Kissing dragons :) IMG_1228

And we are done! IMG_1230


Such a fun night! Can’t wait until we get to dress up again :)