Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Harris turns 4

I decided to interrupt my backtracking to go ahead and blog about Harris’ birthday before he turns 5 :)

I am saving the kid’s actual birthday party for another post but I wanted to get some things down that I remember about Harris and get his annual questionnaire recorded too. You can check out his 3 year old questionnaire here.


September 9,2009

IMG_0647.JPG (2)  September 8, 2013. They grow up so fast!

I asked Harris the same questions from last year and I was so surprised that so many of his answers were exactly the same. Oh well. I guess he is consistent.

Harris’ 4 Year Old Questionnaire

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite shape? Triangle

Favorite toy: My superman

Favorite thing to do: Go to the McWane Center

Favorite store: “ the green store” The Dollar Tree

Favorite animal: Crocodile, otter, tiger

Who is your best friend? Ridge

Favorite book: Dinosaur book

Favorite TV show: Superman show (I have no idea, I don’t think he has ever seen a Superman show)

Favorite movie: Dinosaur Train (this is a tv show)

Favorite song: Ittsy Bittsy Spider

Favorite thing to eat: Yellow Muffins (Banana Muffins)

Favorite thing to wear: Superman outfit

Favorite drink: Orange juice

Favorite place to go: Ridge’s house (second is the zoo)

Favorite place to eat: “chips, salsa and beans” (aka Mexican restaurant)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Superman


Here are some pictures of him on his birthday and around that time. I just want to remember him exactly how he is. He is such a loving, sweet, playful little guy. He can be very sensitive about things (especially if he hurts his sister) and can be very shy. He has such a funny personality. He is a really good little boy and I love getting to see him grow up.


harris4yrblog2 All of these pictures are from his birthday. I picked him up from school early and Ruthie up from MDO early and we went to the zoo of course. Then after naps we asked him where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner and he told us he knew where but not the name. So without us knowing most of the time where we were going, Harris gave us turn by turn directions to Chuy’s. He has a great sense of direction. He then got to facetime chat with his best buddy. :)

IMG_0533.JPG (2) Lately he has been loving to paint. It is so sweet to watch how careful he is and how proud he gets.

IMG_0535.JPG (2)
IMG_0537.JPG (2)

sweet!IMG_0540.JPG (2) Superman all day long!


harris4yrblog1 He is honestly the best big brother ever. He was made to be a big brother to a little girl. He is so sweet and gentle and always plays with her. They are just now starting to get in little sibling riffs but nothing major or too big to complain about. I am so blessed!

IMG_0752.JPG (2)

The one good thing about having a time difference between Harris’ school let out and Ruthie’s school let out, is that two days a week I get to have a one on one lunch with my little buddy. It has been some of the best times with just the two of us.


silly fake smile in his hilarious Spiderman pjs . I mean who makes this stuff. So cheesy.

 IMG_0823.JPG (2)

best buds IMG_0848.JPG (2)

Doing SO much better at soccer this year! IMG_0861.JPG (2)

 IMG_0878.JPG (2)

 IMG_0887.JPG (2)

 IMG_1268.JPG (2) He LOVES puzzles!

harris4yrblog I love cuddling with him and being silly. He is my sweetheart! Thank you God for this precious child. Help me to be the best mommy I can be to him. I fail daily but give me the grace to be exactly who he needs.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Okay so obviously it isn’t even close to Christmas but I am attempting to catch up. Ha! Almost a whole year later. Instagram has kind of become my blog. It is just easier and straight to the point which I like. Plus I am not sure if anyone even reads this, but I am going to update because one day I will MAKE my kids read it :).

Here is last Christmas in pictures (iphone). I couldn’t find any pro pictures I took :/

We started the Christmas season off by going to the Christmas tree farm to get our Christmas tree. We have done this every year since we were married and I am so happy we have made our own family tradition that our children can hopefully continue.

PicMonkey Collage

Ruthie wasn’t having it this day for some reason. So she just kept her head on daddy’s shoulder pretty much the whole time. This was in her skittish phase, so she was probably just scared of the hay ride and the reindeer.








They have free hot chocolate and of course Harris LOVES it.  IMG_2573

Our tree on top of the car. We let Harris pick it out and he went with short and skinny and a little see through. Oops.




 IMG_2346  Putting the star on top.

IMG_2377 Some of my decorations. We always get fresh garland from the Christmas Tree Farm and it looks so natural and pretty to me. I made the wreath from Christmas tree scraps and I made the nativity scene from an old hymnal.

IMG_2396  This little miss started to get picky about what she wore. She picked out this outfit. At least it matched.

IMG_2430 We made salt dough ornaments and I am going to make that another tradition for us to do. Harris loved rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes. I know Ruthie will love it this year. (there is a blooper on my picture, it is 1/2 cup of water and not supposed to be salt twice. I got lazy and didn’t feel like changing it for the blog)



We went to the Gardendale Christmas parade with the Wiggins’ family and loved it! The kids had so much fun and got a ton of candy. I can’t wait to go back this year.




 IMG_2586 Making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

PicMonkey Collage4 Trying to play outside as much as possible. Gotta get that energy out!

PicMonkey Collage2 Zoolight Safari.

IMG_2801 Harris at his Mother’s Day Out Christmas program. Excuse his hilarious haircut.

PicMonkey Collage3 Never in my life would I have guessed that he would do all of the hand motions to their songs. But lo and behold he did every single one. It surprised me. He is usually really shy and hates attention, but he didn’t seemed phased.




PicMonkey Collage5 Watching Polar Express together. On lock down.

PicMonkey Collage6 Christmas Eve at my dad’s house.



Christmas Eve nightIMG_3062




Reindeer foodIMG_3171

Santa did not bring all of this to the kids. We just put out everyone else’s gifts too ;)IMG_3174


Christmas morning. Looking oh so rough and very confused :)




Harris asked Santa for 1 lion and 5 dinosaurs. So random, but Santa came through. :)


Jeremy got a ticket to the National Championship game from his brother. Jealous!



Nonna and Ruthie on Christmas morning.


 PicMonkey Collage7

Christmas at my mom’s house, after naps. Her house was decorated so pretty. IMG_3253


 IMG_3266 All of Ruthie’s adorable clothes. She hit the jackpot.