Monday, March 4, 2013


Thanksgiving in pictures. About 5 months later :)

This year my grandparents from New Mexico came to my mom’s so it was fun to watch them get to play with their great grandchildren and celebrate our thankfulness with them.

IMG_2538 Harris and Gigi





I am pretty sure this picture was taken around 3:15 at which Harris is thinking “where is my daily nap?”.  IMG_2614 Ruthie is thinking the same thing. But at least we got a picture with all of them together.

thanksgiving121 Siblings :)

thanksgiving12 Harris and his Lita (great grandmother) playing together.



 IMG_1681 Little miss discovered her love for Louis Vuitton and iphones. Kids these days.  IMG_1683 These two love each other. IMG_1731

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for about 3 seconds. IMG_1733

Cards with the grandparents. IMG_1757

Ruthie was ready for some Thanksgiving food :)IMG_1770

  IMG_1817 At Nonna and Papa’s house playing in their new bunk beds.


This is the aftermath of a week of going and going. Lovely. Thankfully they snapped out of it pretty fast.

Thanksgiving was such a fun holiday this year. I am truly thankful for every single blessing that God has given us. I am also thankful for the trials that we go through that refine us and make us more holy and like Him.